DONAIRE PORTUGAL is continuously attentive to the news that the market offers in this segment and in this sense, we managed to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our machinery is always under evaluation in order to understand our position in the market.

We are very attentive on this area because we understand the added value it represents and the competitive advantage it can provide. In this domain, the company also presented itself at the technological vanguard, where the inclusion of the most varied tools that enable working from home and a close relationship with the customer was already a reality long before the pandemic situation, which is revealing of the company’s vision.

The early investment in digital tools such as security (Firewall), private networks (VPN), control of all workstations (virtualization and dedicated servers) and the instant synchronization of mobile telecommunications made DONAIRE PORTUGAL not lose or suffer any deviation from its high professionalism and commitment to its customers even in difficult situations.


The acquisition of equipment with 4K technology allows the customer to feel close to us wherever they are and at any time allows us to demonstrate the construction parameters of their article in the smallest detail, such as a simple seam.

The company’s entire technological equipment is periodically reviewed in order to continue to monitor technological developments and not lose competitive advantage in this domain.

In this context, new projects are being developed to provide the company with greater ability and organizational effectiveness to approach the future with the greatest accuracy and efficiency possible.

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