We look to the future in a sustainable way

DONAIRE PORTUGAL isn´t indifferent to environmental issues and the sustainability of the planet is something that concerns us. The company complies with legal requirements with regard to environmental legislation, forwarding solid and chemical waste so that they are properly treated by the competent entities.

For our products to be sustainable, a project was started a few years ago that began at the company’s premises with a global vision for the preservation of the planet. Sustainability is no longer a choice, it has become a priority.

We believe in sustainable fashion, in a world where the fashion market contributes to an evolving planet and better working conditions.

Installing solar panels with self-consumption photovoltaic production, reducing the noise from our machinery and improving the air quality are some examples of the ongoing intervention and constant improvement.

All these interventions aim to upgrade the company’s quality in this area and reduce gaseous emissions.

We bet on

In 2020, we became an environmentally certified company by HIGG, an assessment standard for the apparel and footwear industry to assess environmental and social sustainability across the entire raw material chain.

Our concern for creating a conscious working method has been a constant, striving to always implement new and better solutions internally. Transparency is in our actions and, therefore, all our paper and plastic are recycled and our products are increasingly made from recycled materials.

We follow the REACH regulation and all our chemical residues resulting from washing soles, glues and primers are stored in specific containers and placed in retention basins for later picking by a specialized company.

More than a product, it is a conscious and determined act that is predisposed to fight in the long term for a sustainable future, where conscious brands reflect a better planet in a positive movement of evolution, a sustainable fashion movement. These are simple actions with a huge impact.

Every action is important no matter how small and when we come together the world changes.

Donaire Portugal

We are a Certified Company

Donaire Portugal

We are a Certified Company


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